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St Mary's Keystone Project

St Mary’s Church Keystone Project is designed to develop and improve the present church building to make it suitable for the needs and expectations of a 21st century population. We have a duty to preserve it for future generations not as a historic monument but as a living, functioning gathering place.

Our vision therefore is for St Mary’s to be:

  • a beautiful but flexible space where God is worshipped and community celebrated
  • a place which is welcoming, warm, and comfortable
  • a building that bears witness to its past but also to the God of the present and the future

The Project is designed in phases which will be subject to redesign and reconfiguration as the work progresses.

Phase 1 – the installation of new heating with gas boilers. Completed.

Phase 2 – refurbishment of the Kingsmill Room (including repainting, replacement of chairs, new flooring and  storage). Underway.

Phase 3 – new electrical system, including lighting. Planning underway

Phase 4 - installation of additional toilets; new flower room; and light catering facilities, all at the west end of the church.

Phase 5 – Replacement of floor and pews in nave; redecoration of nave, possible re-siting of font, improved lighting and heating delivery.

Phase 6– Possible reopening of North Door (with addition of porch etc)

Special fund-raising events are held on a regular basis.  If you would like to contribute to the Project in any way please ring 01635 298794.

The project is currently being supported through the "Find Me a Grant" scheme run by The Greenham Common Trust.  This means that each donation however large or small is match funded, and then when eligible for gift aided can be worth much more to us - at no extra cost to the donor.  Please consider making your donation through this scheme at:


Keystone Project Prayer

Eternal God, whose church is made up of living stones built on the cornerstone which is Christ, we thank you that you have entrusted us with a beautiful and ancient building, a sign of your continuing presence in this community.

Make us good stewards we pray. Guide us and inspire us with vision as we fulfill our responsibilities to maintain and enhance it as a place of witness and worship; that it may speak to generations yet unborn of your glory, your faithfulness and the worship of your saints on earth.

Through our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  Amen

Life in our Churches
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